At some point of one’s life, we get that feeling of not having enough space for our most valuable belongings whether it be at home, at the office or at your shop! YOU NEED STORAGE SPACE!!!

We are a company that strives to bring the concept of luxury and affordability to the storage world! We are a group of friends that saw the need for a storage facility that takes the customers needs in account from price to layout of the storage unit. We have found a way to combine the luxurious aspect along with affordability allowing us to be the cheapest in the market yet not compromising on what our customers would expect in a storage facility.

If you have anything to store no matter what the size, we can help you. Give us a call or mail us and come visit us at our high-end coffee shop and let’s discuss over a coffee what we can do for you at the storage vaults. Come chat to the owners and lets find you your dream storage unit for you most valuable items!

Our security measures will be of utmost importance and as time goes by, we will strive to improve through listening to our customers and adapting to the areas needs. We have put incredible measures into place to make our units affordable and allow for us to offer fixed rentals for the next 2 years with few specials possible during these years!

We are a company that is planning on changing the storage world and adapting to both the need and want of our customers in the market. We are planning on expanding at a huge rate and cannot wait to show the world what we have to offer

We hope that our future and current customers enjoy our magnificent storage facility but most importantly, that they see this facility as their personal storage space!

We truly welcome you to The Storage Vaults